Chapter Two

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|title = Chapter Two |description = Chapter Two of Baldur's Gate 3 is the second act of the game. }}

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Chapter Two of Baldur's Gate 3 (sometimes referred to as Act 2) takes place after Chapter One as the player enters the Shadow-Cursed Lands to reach Moonrise Towers.

Point of No Return[ред. | ред. код]

The exact delineation between Chapter One and Chapter Two can be somewhat confusing for new players as entering the Shadow-Cursed Lands from either the Mountain Pass or the Underdark will trigger an alert reminding the player to tie up any loose ends before proceeding. Despite this, the player will still able to return to the Wilderness and complete the majority of lingering quests at any point. The point of no return in Chapter Two takes place much later, inside the Temple of Shar. Another alert will trigger, and after this point it becomes impossible to return to the Wilderness, all of the Wilderness waypoints will be inaccessible, and all incomplete quests from the Wilderness will automatically close.

Locations[ред. | ред. код]

Companions[ред. | ред. код]

Three additional companions can be recruited in Chapter Two if they survived the events of Chapter One and the player completes their requisite quests.

Main Quest[ред. | ред. код]

Цей розділ є заглушкою. Ви можете допомогти нашій вікі, розширивши його.
Дивіться розділ довідки про те, як зробити свій внесок.

The main quest of Chapter Two is Infiltrate Moonrise Towers. This main quest serves as a wrapper and is comprised of multiple sub-quests, which will become available to the Player Character once they begin interacting with the world and various Non-Player Characters.

Side Quests[ред. | ред. код]