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The player avatar's Origin is what defines their previous history and relation to the world around them.

Picking an Origin is the first choice in Character Creation when starting a new game. The player can choose to create a completely custom character, or choose from one of 7 Origin Characters, each which has their own unique stories, desires, and attitudes toward the world around them.

If not chosen as the player avatar, each Origin Character (except The Dark Urge) appears in the game world as companions, who the player may choose to recruit into their party throughout their journey.

Once the correct NPC is discovered, the player and origin companions may change their class and attributes. Note, Backgrounds cannot be changed.

See also: Character Creation

Custom[ред. | ред. код]

Create a completely custom character.

You’ve always felt you had a greater calling, but it has never borne fruit. Everything changes when you awaken imprisoned on an alien ship. Perhaps your time has finally come.

Astarion[ред. | ред. код]

Play as Astarion the Rogue.

Astarion prowled the night as a vampire spawn for centuries, forced to follow the orders of his sadistic master, Cazador: seduce every fool with a pulse, and lure them back to Cazador's lair. Free for now, Astarion will do anything to keep his life in the light. He can see but one way to ensure his liberty for good: become many times more powerful than his old abuser could ever dream of being.

His body is forever tainted by the intricate, patterned scarring Cazador carved upon his back, and the elder vampire seems set on sending out waves of hunters seeking to capture his lost spawn.

Gale[ред. | ред. код]

Play as Gale the Wizard.

What’s a god to a world-class wizard? Gale was once a formidable archmage in Waterdeep, but pushed his relationship with the goddess Mystra too far. Failing to usurp his former lover’s godhood, the goddess stole Gale’s magics away and cursed him with the Netherese Orb, a dangerous artefact with enough magical potential energy in it to level a city if it were allowed to escape.

Beyond learning the lesson for his hubris, Gale has now become beset with concern for the danger he poses to others around him, and is worried that if he undergoes ceremorphosis, the angry Orb could imperil countless lives if he can’t neutralise it first.

Karlach[ред. | ред. код]

Play as Karlach the Barbarian.

Fresh-escaped from Hell, Karlach is finally free of the archdevil Zariel - but not from the infernal engine Zariel planted in her chest. With her first taste of freedom in ten years, Karlach is eager to find a fix for the engine that's burning hotter and hotter before it burns her out completely. But even more premier in her mind? Exploring, finding like-minded travellers, falling in love (or lust)... and taking revenge on the man who sold her to Zariel all those years ago.

Lae'zel[ред. | ред. код]

Play as Lae'zel the Fighter.

Crashed down to the Sword Coast from the stars, Lae'zel is a fierce warrior, even by the standards of militant githyanki society. When faced with the possibility of becoming a mind flayer, the monster she has dedicated her life to defeating, she must prove her worth and earn the right to rejoin her people -- if they don't execute her first. Will Lae'zel's strength and determination be enough to prove herself to Queen Vlaakith, or must she walk another path in exile?

Shadowheart[ред. | ред. код]

Play as Shadowheart the Cleric.

A devoted cleric of Shar, goddess of darkness and loss, Shadowheart agreed to have her memories wiped as part of a holy mission. Now its sole survivor, she must deliver a powerful relic back to her kin in order to win Shar's love and have her memories restored – but all the while, she is tormented by strange, painful magic that she struggles to understand.

Wyll[ред. | ред. код]

Play as Wyll the Warlock.

From a scion of a famed Baldurian house to a life of adventure on the road, Wyll’s life as the monster hunter called the Blade of Frontiers has made him one of the beating hearts of the Sword Coast. While he has done great deeds for the Coast’s people, the source of his power remains secret. The cambion Mizora drew Wyll into a warlock’s pact in a moment with many lives at stake, and cursed him with the duty of hunting her enemies. Mizora only asks Wyll to sacrifice devilish creatures to her, but a cambion’s ambitions are ever fickle, and Wyll wishes to escape the pact before its price grows cruel.

The Dark Urge[ред. | ред. код]

Play a custom character with the The Dark Urge.

You remember nothing of your past besides that you walked a path paved with blood. As you venture on, you find yourself inescapably drawn towards unimaginable cruelties. Where do these thoughts come from?