Goblin Camp

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The entrance to the Shattered Sanctum from the Goblin Camp.

The Goblin Camp is a Location within the Wilderness in Chapter One. It is the exterior area of the Shattered Sanctum.

Location Summary[ред. | ред. код]

Access[ред. | ред. код]

The Goblin Camp is has a main entrance that is reached when crossing the bridge ( X: -43 Y: 373 ) in the Forest. Alternate entry is possible through where the Sunlit Wetlands and Forest meet by crossing the fallen tree bridge ( X: -23 Y: 319 ).

Story Interactions[ред. | ред. код]

Увага, спойлер! Цей розділ розкриває подробиці про історію Браму Балдура 3.

  • Negotiate at the main entrance for entry
  • Players who have not yet recruited Shadowheart may find her here and enact a cutscene
  • Interact with Volo
  • Speak with Crusher
  • Chase the chicken
  • Poison the Goblin Drinks

Wayfinding[ред. | ред. код]

This location contains the following Waypoint:

  • Goblin Camp (X:75, Y:445)

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Characters[ред. | ред. код]

The NPCs in this location may vary based on player storyline choices and progress.

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Merchants[ред. | ред. код]

Other NPCs[ред. | ред. код]

Loot[ред. | ред. код]

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:

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