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Alchemy allows you to turn your collection of herbs, wild mushrooms, crystals, and monster limbs into Potions, Elixirs, Grenades, and Coatings.

Basic Process[ред. | ред. код]

It takes 3 of a material to extract it into its usable ingredient form, either a Sublimate, Salt, Essence, Ash, Vitriol, or Suspension. Recipes call for a specific processed material (e.g. Salts of Mugwort) in addition to a generic (e.g. any Suspension). Each alchemical base material converts into only one type of ingredient, so there is no danger in using the "Extract All Ingredients" button. You should choose which ingredient you use in the generic slot carefully, however, as you may need it as a specific in a different recipe. Since you cannot swap out the auto-filled ingredient in the generic slot, make sure to store extracted ingredients in the camp stash and only pull them out as needed to fill your desired recipe.

Recipes[ред. | ред. код]

Result Specific Generic
Antidote Mugwort Suspension
Potion of Angelic Slumber Planetar Feather Suspension
Potion of Animal Speaking Acorn Truffle Salt
Potion of Feather Fall Autumn Crocus Essence
Potion of Glorious Vaulting Wispweep Ashes
Potion of Healing Rogue's Morsel Suspension
Potion of Greater Healing Balsam Salt
Potion of Superior Healing Musk Creeper Suspension
Potion of Supreme Healing Ki-Rin Hair Ashes
Potion of Mind Reading Mergrass Sublimate
Potion of Speed Hyena Ear Salt
Result Specific Generic
Elixir of Arcane Cultivation Weavemoss Sublimate
Greater Elixir of Arcane Cultivation Laculite Vitriol
Elixir of Barkskin Tree Bark Suspension
Elixir of Bloodlust Worg Fange Salt
Elixir of Guileful Movement Ochre Jelly Slime Sublimate
Elixir of Peerless Focus Belladonna Ashes
Elixir of Fire Resistance Dragon Egg Mushroom Salt
Elixir of Lightning Resistance Copper Shavings Suspension
Elixir of Necrotic Resistance Oleander Sublimate
Elixir of Poison Resistance Muddy Goo Sublimate
Elixir of Psychic Resistance Cerebrospinal Fluid Sublimate
Elixir of Universal Resistance Divine Miasma Sublimate
Elixir of Hill Giant Strength Hill Giant Finger Suspension
Elixir of The Colossus Chasm Creeper Suspension
Elixir of Viciousness Shadowroot Sac Ashes
Elixir of Vigilance Bloodstained Hook Ashes
Tadpole Elixir Tongue of Madness Essence
Result Specific Generic
Alchemist's Fire Fire Amber Salt
Fungal Bamboozler Timmask Spores Salt
Hearthlight Bomb Nightlight Suspension
Web Grenade Spider Silk Vitriol
Result Specific Generic
Basic Poison Bonecap Ashes
Diluted Oil of Sharpness Viridian Crystal Vitriol
Drow Poison Swarming Toadstool Salt
Malice Lolth's Candle Ashes
Oil of Accuracy Daggerroot Salt
Oil of Bane Putrefied Tumor Sublimate
Oil of Combustion Mephit Magma Essence
Oil of Diminution Sylvan Stone Suspension
Serpent Fang Toxin Snake Venom Vitriol
Simple Toxin Bullywug Trumpet Sublimate
Wizardsbane Oil Gremishka Tail Suspension

Extractions[ред. | ред. код]

Sublimates Autumn Crocus Belladonna Belladonna Bloodstained Hook Poison Spores Tongue of Madness Wispweed Wispweed
Salts Chasm Creeper Mugwort Mugwort Rogue's Morsel Tree Bark Viridian Crystal
Essences Acorn Truffle Crystalline Lens Mightlight Swarming Toadstool Sylvan Stone Timmask Spores
Ashes Balsam Balsam Daggerroot Dragon Egg Mushroom Fire Amber Hyena Ear Hyena Ear Worg Fang
Vitriols Bonecap Lolth's Candle Oleander Shadowroot Sac Weavemoss Weavemoss
Suspensions Bullywug Trumpet Laculite Mergrass Mergrass Muddy Goo Ochre Jelly Slime Night Orchid Night Orchid Spider Silk