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Potions are Consumables that restore Hit Points or grant other Effects when consumed.

Using Potions[ред. | ред. код]

Potions can be consumed using a Bonus Action to grant an effect to a single creature.

Many potions can also be thrown using the Throw Action to grant - or inflict - the same effect on multiple creatures, typically in a 1m / 3ft radius.

List of Potions[ред. | ред. код]

Файл:Alchemy Potions Menu.png
A list of potions in the alchemy window.

Healing Potions[ред. | ред. код]

Healing Potions restore Hit Points when consumed. (Descriptive, not in-game category.)

Utility Potions[ред. | ред. код]

Utility Potions have a variety of helpful - or harmful - effects when consumed. (Descriptive, not in-game category.)

Coatings[ред. | ред. код]

Файл:Alchemy Coatings Menu.png
A list of Coatings in the Alchemy window.

Coatings can be applied to an equipped weapon for a number of different effects.

Elixirs[ред. | ред. код]

Main article: Elixirs

Elixirs are a category of consumable that can be crafted from the Alchemy menu or found in the world. Unlike other potions, their effect lasts until a long rest, and you may only have the effects of one elixir at a time.

Note: Some potions in the game are called elixirs without actually belonging to the elixir type of potions. These are listed in this article as any other potion.

Unique Potions[ред. | ред. код]

These potions are one-of-a-kind and have powerful effects.